A pic who disappears…

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    I have a little problem. A weird one. I wrote a new topic on my blog and add some pics in it. But the problem is that I can’t see the first pic (it don’t appears if I use this url : http://humaro.wordpress.com) but if I use this url : https://humaro.wordpress.com, it appears. (see by yourself !)

    I don’t understand where is the problem. It’s not my http://ftp... Even my links are good.

    Do you have an idea ? (the pic I talk about is this one : http://perso.orange.fr/humaro/tdc/14deads.jpg)

    Thank you for your help and I hope that you understood my poor english. ;)



    I see it fine in this post. You may want to try clearing your browser cache and viewing the post again.



    I’ve already do it but it doesn’t work… I don’t understand where the problem is especially that you can see the pic… oO



    It’s those evil Blogger gremlins causing this again. :)

    There have been reports like this in the past. I’m almost tempted to suggest something about how the third party site does it’s hotlinking policy but it wouldn’t work for me either then I would think.

    You do know you have webspace here to upload pictures, right? There’s an FAQ on how to do it.

    Hope this helps,

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