A picture I uploaded on the sides is tpo large and covering the text

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    There is two side bars in my WordPress.com blog, and both side bars are showing the same thing, including a picture that is too large and is covering the text. How can I get rid of this picture in the side bar?

    The blog I need help with is iesu.wordpress.com.


    The sidebars are controlled by Appearance -> Widgets. There will be the left sidebar and the right sidebar (you’ll need to click on both of them to expand them), to remove the image, you just need to look for the ‘image’ widget (or possibly it’s a text widget with an image displayed) and then drag that out of the active widget section. If you still want that image there, but just want it smaller then you should be able adjust the size in the image widget.

    If you don’t want both the left and right sidebar, just empty all the widgets out of the sidebar you don’t want.



    No, they are Links widgets.

    a) You added the Links widget to the left sidebar but didn’t add anything to the right sidebar. When you don’t add any widgets yourself, the theme displays a default set of sidebar items. The default set in the right sidebar includes Links, hence the duplication.
    b) Some themes (and some browser versions) cannot downsize images to the width of the sidebar, especially if the images are hosted elsewhere. You should copy the images to your computer, use an image editing application or an online tool to downsize the images,* then upload each image to your blog via Media > Add New, click Edit, copy the File URL from the Save module, use that URL in an Image widget to create the link (or edit the links in Links > All Links and replace the current image URLs).
    * Maximum width for Garland: left sidebar 198px, right sidebar 188px.



    Thank you.

    I went to Media Library to simply delete the picture but it’s not there. It has three pictures including the broken link picture but not the one that is oversized.

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