A “pingback” is appearing as a post.

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    I am still new to this…can someone tell me why a “pingback” shows up as a comment in a posting? I was notified at my email address of this, and yes, I can delete it, but is this normal for this to happen? I assume it is because someone is linking to my blog…?



    If you do not choose to have pingbacks you will not receive them. On every post and page you have the opportunity to set it up to allow pings or not. -> Write -> Post
    Look to the very far right past the editor’s box. Find the row of blue buttons and click the top one for “Discussion” inside you will see the option to allow comments and/or to allow pings or not. http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/05/11/how-do-i-send-a-ping/

    A ping is an electronic message sent between computers that notifies you that someone has linked to your post or page. If you wish you can also stop “self-pings” that occur when you link in a new post or page to one of your older posts or pages. http://faq.wordpress.com/2006/04/23/can-i-stop-self-pings/



    Your assumption is correct. Someone is quoting and/or linking to that particular post and the pingback is, in essence, the electronic notification of that.



    I have set my options allowing trackbacks but this morning one of my posts was actually posted in a porn site > http://free-porn-world.info/my-old-%e2%80%9cblogger%e2%80%9d-blog-redirected-to-soft-porn-sites. How do I remove it?

    I tried reporting this to WordPress but Support is temporarily unavailable.



    you can delete the trackback by going to dashboard -> comments

    you cannot stop anyone from linking to your site. i don’t think wordpress would do anything about this situation.

    here are a thread that might be of useful information



    Thanks Sulz! I’ve deleted the comment and even disabled trackback/pin back.

    I just hope it won’t happen again. Who would want their articles posted on a porn site anyway? No one I guess. :(



    if you disable trackback/pingback, you won’t be able to receive them from other blogs, which are not splogs. so you might want to think about that perhaps…

    but yeah it can be a downer to delete trackbacks from splogs… porn ones at that. =(



    your post has been scraped by the splog. there’s little you can do about it.

    neither pingbacks, nor trackbacks have nothing to do with that issue.

    by having them disabled you have actually as well deprived your readers from sending legitimate remote comments to your blog, which pingbacks/trackbacks essentially are in fact.



    > it can be a downer to delete trackbacks from splogs… porn ones at that.

    I’ve always thought that is what the compulsory, non opt-out Akismet is supposed to prevent from…



    Hmmm, having thought of what you’ve said, I activated my trackback again ;-)

    I tried activating Akismet plugin but can’t seem to find my API key, so it remains deactivated. It says I’ll be able to find it in my profile, but there’s none. I own a domain and there’s no API key in my profile. But in my free hosted blog with WP before, there is.




    To find your API…click “dashboard”, click “users”, click “your profile”…your API should be beside your avatar and above the words Personal Options

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