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    I was hoping WP.com could add a simplistic, image-free, mainly CSS, block-like theme. Something like the Type Pad default theme. I haven’t been able to find any examples, but hopefully someone else could.




    Specific theme requests for existing themes go to feedback. Requests for custom designed themes go to theme designers and not to those who provide support for the forum.



    Closest thing we have to a simple theme is probably going to be White as Milk or Simpla although neither is a block theme like you want.

    I would suggest taking a look at the available theme and making a specific suggest for one that you would like to see here. There’s a fairly well loaded theme switcher here.


    drmike, how might one get to use the themes to which you link? I’m a newbie here but have some technical know-how.



    The themes depicted are not currently available here on wordpress.com. However, if you have found one you like then you can send the name of it in on feedback and request it.

    In the future it may become available if enough people also request it and if the code is re-written so it can be run on this wordpress.com MU (multi-user) platform.

    Currently the themes depicted are only available for use on your own server or on webhosted servers. I hope this explanation helps you.



    Scrambled, you might want to take a look at “White As Milk”, as Dr. Mike suggested. I am test-driving it right now, and my only gripe is that the theme uses a small amount of the available screen real estate. That was the designer’s (Azeem’s) decision, and it does not bother me too much. In return, the theme gives a default verdana font with a reasonable size, and I find it a lot more readable than Hemingway, which is another beautiful theme that you could test.

    Both Hemingway and White As Milk are image-free and (very) minimalistic. If you want, you can also change the header image in the “Regulus” theme to a simple monochrome or white background, and manipulate the color scheme to obtain a very simple image-free scheme.

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