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  1. wordwatchtowers

    Hi - first of all - thanks to everyone out there who's helped me set up my blog - much appreciated. If anyone's interested in the use and misuse of the English language, you might find my regularly updated blog of interest.x

    The blog I need help with is

  2. What is the url; you have not left the address here! Please connect your name to blog name from profile>website.

  3. wordwatchtowers

    Hi there - I'm so sorry - the link on my name has automatically been 'live' when I've posted elsewhere on WordPress - I'm not sure what happened here. The URL is:

    Thanks for your interest. x

  4. thisll be useful for english class

  5. Thanks for the link dbennison.

    Why do you add 'x' after you end it?!

    And why not make it Dbennison [capital D]?

  6. wordwatchtowers

    Hi! It's just a friendly (virtual) peck on the cheek (x)! Dunno about the capital 'D' thing - you've got me there. I guess 'cos of the online convention of email addresses etc being in lower case. x

  7. Intersting! Virtual peck!

    It is our username here and it cannot be changed. Your name is with capital D on your mail blog.

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