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A Poll Appeard In My Widgets

  1. Hi,
    a poll appearded in my site's widgets, and I can't removed it. I didn't add the poll.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Hello!

    Are you referring to the Dosh Mania poll?

    It looks like you reblogged the poll from their blog on May 17. I'm not sure why the poll shows up in your blog too, but checking the other blogs who reblogged that same post, they, too, have a weird poll at the bottom of their sites.

    Have you tried editing the post which contains the reblog to see if there's a code in there somewhere?

  3. Yes, other people do have it at the bottom of their sites. And what do you mean by editing to see if code?

  4. I was wondering if it's possible for you to edit this post:

    And check if there are settings in the Edit Post page to remove polls.

    If not, I'm afraid you're stuck with the poll on every page that displays the Dosh Mania post. I will try to tag this with modlook to see if this is expected behavior for reblogs with polls.

    (I found a thread similar to yours here:

  5. What do you mean by "And check if there are settings in the Edit Post page to remove polls."?

  6. I can't tell you because I can't find that option either in the post I reblogged. :( I was hoping there would be an option to edit the post's contents and remove the poll. But if you don't see anything too then I guess it's not possible.

    Have you read the link I gave above? At the end of that topic, the WordPress staff were saying to contact them if the poll problem happens again.

    It looks like we need to wait for a WordPress staff to help with fixing this...

  7. @mirimary: Reblogged posts don't display the content of the original post in the post editor.

    @hf556: So mirimary's suggestions aren't valid. This is a bug with reblogged posts that contain a poll, and it must be fixed by WP.

  8. Are WordPress going to do it them selves, or do they want me to contact them?

  9. Mirimary has tagged this thread for attention. So WP will look into this once they see this thread.

  10. Ok.

  11. Hi hf556,

    The poll displaying in your footer is a glitch. I've let our developers know and they will look into it for you. Thanks!

  12. Ok, thanks!

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