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A Poll Compatible For A Hosted Blog?

  1. mookiealexander

    I've been looking for a poll hosting site for my blog (it's a tournament I'm working on beginning Monday), and none I've seen are WordPress compatible. The codes don't work on the sidebars nor the actual posts so.....

    Are there any polls that are WordPress compatible? And will there be one made in the future as a widget of some sort like Blogger?

    Please respond.

    My Website:

  2. Poll Daddy.

  3. mookiealexander

    Thank you very much.

    Is that the only one might I ask?

  4. Yes, unless you want to put the poll up elsewhere and just link to it here.

  5. mookiealexander

    My first option is to put it in the post, the other option is to create the poll and link to it from my site.

  6. Polldaddy lets you put it in the post with a simple code.

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