Why doesn't Jetpack's Sharedaddy feature work?

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    On an attachment page in which an image attachment’s caption is displayed, the sharedaddy button text will be shown in the caption. I think it’s due to the filters like ‘the_excerpt’ or something like this because of the caption is stored as post_excerpt in the database.
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    Please make sure you are running the latest version of Jetpack .

    Could you also let me know which Theme name and version you are using?



    I’m sure I’m running the latest version of Jetpack.

    The theme I use is SimpleDark v1.2.11.

    I think there’s nothing to do with the theme because I think Jetpack is not supposed to add its filter on the attachment page.


    It could be affected by filters the theme or another plugin is running as well. Can you try temporarily switching to Twenty Ten, the WordPress default theme? If the Sharedaddy options appear there as well please let me know and I can dig into more details on this. Thanks!



    Hi, I checked Twenty Ten and found it’s actually a problem of the theme. Thanks for the reply!

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