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A problem when going to the next line...

  1. Hello,

    I'm french so I'll try to do my best to explain the problem : see this pic (

    Thank you.

  2. Are you using the Rich Text editor? When I tried that, everything was in one big paragraph and wouldn't make new paragraphs for some reason.

  3. I think what you want to do is just continue typing and the extra line won't show up there. Only hit "enter" when you want a new line.

    If, for some reason, you want a new line without a space in between, use Control+Enter

    Hope that helps.

  4. To nosy : I don't know what is exactly the rich text editor... I start my blog three weeks ago, all was ok and one day it starts to do like I explain to you... Weird.

    To vivian : I tried to do what you said and it doesn't works but before it was not like that...

    The thing I want to do is to go to the next line without jumping a line automatically... Do you understand what I try to explain ?

  5. ah, that's cos you're using the rich text editor, it will do that because it thinks you're trying to write in a new paragraph. use the <br> tag after your first line and see if it still looks like after you press save and view it in your blog.

    if it still does, then i suggest you type your content in ms word or notepad and copying it into the editor. it shouldn't alter your spacings then.

  6. Yes it's good ! Thank you mister.

  7. ms you mean. =)

  8. Isn't there a way to switch off the rich text editor? I did it but for the live of me I can't remember now.

  9. go to users, then your profile.

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