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    Hi everybody!
    I´m going crazy with this problem.
    When I write a new article, all is ok, but when I put it into HTML (because if I don´t put it in HTML is worst) and I publish it, the end result is that all is in chaos.
    If I publish a poem, the lines are all together, like this:

    Las mariposas son azules,las rosas blancas,el azucar dulce
    y así eres tú.

    When the correct ist:

    Las mariposas son azules,
    las rosas blancas,
    el azucar dulce
    y así eres tú.

    I came back a lot of times, I check them, put them in the correct form, and when I publish it again, again the problem is the same.

    How can I resolve the problem? What can I do?

    Thank you



    I’d suggest you don’t put it in HTML but use the rich text editor and simply hold the shift key down between lines to make them single-spaced. I know, you lose a lot of control over the format, but there’s some issues in the HTML editor over “br” and “p” breaks. I’d suggest you do a search for more info on those, but I seem to recall WordPress recognizes one but not the other.



    I don´t very sure I understand you… what is the rich text editor? Where is it?

    If I don´t put the text in HTML, the result is even worst.

    I´m desperate.

    Thank you for your answer, dear.




    Is this what you are entering into the editor?
    <p>Las mariposas son azules,</p>
    <p>las rosas blancas,</p>
    <p>el azucar dulce</p>
    <p>y así eres tú.</p>



    Need to see this in action to see what’s going on really. The link under the username is not for a blog. User needs to not type in all caps please and give the thread a topic that’s understandable as well. :)

    editor: Tell us what you see when you look at the write post page. You can change between teh editor at Dashboard -> Users -> Your profile -> There’s a check box on the top of that page.

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