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    After I posted a GPS related post yesterday I am getting a bunch of pingbacks from a group of GPS related sites which appears to be owned by same folks based on the IP address and sites’ look. These are sites that just harvest and aggregate posts from the net. What I am finding out their pingbacks are filling up my spambox. And whenever I update my blog i again get these same pingbacks pointing to the same GPS post. As if they are monitoring for any changes to my page.

    Can somebody more knowledgable in this pingback mechanics, explain to me what is going on ?

    is there a way to blacklist some of the originating sites ? May be I can tell Askimet to drop some of these pingbacks automatically ?




    Use the Spam button to report them to Akismet. If you check your Akismet Spam tab you’ll see it’s already learning to catch them.



    Akismet is great for this :) There will always be people scraping your content or just attempting pingback spam, but the likes of Akismet go a long way to keeping your own site clean.



    Isn’t pingbacks supposed to be helpful to bloggers? (I’m new with this pingback system so bear with me.)
    i also get pingback spam from other websites but my question is, if they are pingbacks why are they posted as comments when approved? Aren’t pingbacks supposed to be just viewable me (or the blog owner) and not to everyone else who views the blog post?



    I guess they are posted as comments, and visible to everyone, simply because it provides a link back to those who pinged you – so it’s a win win situation! That’s why spam sites want to use this in order to get more links to their spam…

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