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    Hi, I have a question about using the page side bar.

    I’ve tried FAQ and searching the forum but had no answer.

    How can I make the side bar only includes the parent pages, and when I click on the parent pages, I’ll have the fisrt generation children pages appear in under the parent page?

    Thanks a lot for helping me on this!



    How pages and sub-pages are treated and displayed in your sidebar is a function of three things.
    (1) What the designer hard-coded into the theme.
    (2) Whether or not you configure your Pages widget to display sub-categories (child categories).
    (3) And whether or not what the designer hard-coded into the theme (see 1) over-rides the configutation of the widget.

    There is no consistent standard for the themes here. I am not aware of any themes that behave in the way you are indicating. There are theme reviews that may provide the information you are seeking and they are found here http://engtech.wordpress.com/tools/wordpress/wordpress-theme-reviews/



    Thanks for the info!

    However, look at here:

    You can see in the blue block, it shows only the parent pages. However, in the green sidebar block, it shows everything,including chid’s child pages. What I want is to have parent pages onlly in this page sidebar. And when I click or move my mouse there, it will send me or show me the child pages.

    Do you think I can do that?

    If not, I might just make the pages posts instead and make links in the parent page to get to the child page



    What I want is to have parent pages onlly in this page sidebar. And when I click or move my mouse there, it will send me or show me the child pages.
    Do you think I can do that?

    I put this theme up in my test blog. I believe it’s treating pages and sub-pages exactly as it was coded by the designer to do. The Pages widget does not give an option choosing to display or not display sub-page hierarchical structure. It will display hierarchical structure so, my to your question is “no”.



    Instead of using the pages widget, use a text widget and manually put in HTML links to the pages.

    Sample code from my blog:
    <ul><li class="home"><a href="http://engtech.wordpress.com/" rel="tag" title="Home"><img width="16" height="16" border="0" alt="" src="http://engtech.wordpress.com/files/2006/11/page_copy.png"> Home</a></li><li class="post-133"><a href="http://engtech.wordpress.com/about-me/" rel="tag" title="About Me"><img width="16" height="16" border="0" alt="" src="http://engtech.wordpress.com/files/2006/11/status_online.png"> About Me</a></li><li class="post-232"><a href="http://engtech.wordpress.com/rss-subscription-options-for-engtech/" rel="tag" title="Subscribe"><img width="16" height="16" border="0" alt="" src="http://engtech.wordpress.com/files/2006/11/feed.png"> Subscription Options</a></li><li class="post-306"><a href="http://engtech.wordpress.com/titles/" rel="tag" title="Site Map"><img width="16" height="16" border="0" alt="" src="http://engtech.wordpress.com/files/2006/11/sitemap.png"> Site Map</a></li><li class="post-257"><a href="http://engtech.wordpress.com/most-popular-posts/" rel="tag" title="Most Popular Posts"><img width="16" height="16" border="0" alt="" src="http://engtech.wordpress.com/files/2006/11/sitemap_color.png"> Most Popular Posts</a></li><li class="post-293"><a href="http://engtech.wordpress.com/tag-cloud/" rel="tag" title="Tag Cloud"><img width="16" height="16" border="0" alt="" src="http://engtech.wordpress.com/files/2006/11/weather_cloudy.png"> Tag Cloud</a></li><li class="post-290"><a href="http://engtech.wordpress.com/tools/wordpress/" rel="tag" title="Wordpress Resources"><img width="16" height="16" border="0" alt="" src="http://engtech.wordpress.com/files/2006/11/page_word.png"> WordPress Resources</a></li></ul>



    Thanks for the solution, engtech [she purred].

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