A question before I move to my own host

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    I am about to move my blog http://cuzoogle.wordpress.com/ to my own host and it will be called http://www.cuzoogle.com.

    My question is……

    Will the post that have high ranking in google or search engines be affected because they will go to the old blog?

    Is there a way to have it all directed to the new blog so nothing skips a beat?

    I am sure this is a common question. I just don’t want to move over to my own host and lose all of the traffic.



    Yes, your posts will all lose their ranking and start over from zero. You lose pagerank as well. And your Technorati rank. This is why it’s best to make the domain name committment as early as possible in a blog’s life.



    thanks, not exactly the news I was hoping for but such is life.



    To forward your traffic from your old blog to the new one, the only thing you can do is add the domain mapping upgrade to your wordpress.com blog by pointing the new domain nameservers here and adding the domain. Then you would “put blog here” in the domains portion to the new domain and then change the name servers back to your new host.

    That or put up a page or last post that tells everyone about the new address, but that won’t help with the traffic.


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