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A Question for Mods/Staff

  1. @ panaghiotisadam, did it ever once occur to you that automattic staff has access to the wordpress.COM accounts, which means they can check to see if someone has a blog here? That does not of course insure that the person is asking about the .COM blog, but they have far more information than volunteers here in the forum, and who are you to question what they do?

  2. There are also common questions that get asked here, where the answer is short and applies both to com and org. The answer of mine linked above is one of those. In those cases I think the best thing to do is simply answer the question. (As it happens, in that case the user does have a blog. But that doesn't really matter).

    Forcing the user to jump through hoops first in a simple case like that doesn't benefit anyone. Remember, these forum threads are searched from and google. Having a quick answer above the fold in a prominent and recent thread will help cut down on future repeats of the same question, because it improves the quality and usefulness of search results.

    I know it's frustrating when people don't follow the conventions. But the purpose of the forum is to answer questions, not to punish people for asking the wrong ones. We're making some changes to help cut down on the inappropriate questions. Give it time, we'll gradually improve those changes as we see the effect of each one.

  3. Remember, these forum threads are searched from and google. Having a quick answer above the fold in a prominent and recent thread will help cut down on future repeats of the same question, because it improves the quality and usefulness of search results.

    People are people. They'll ask even if it was asked 5 minutes earlier and they have the answer right under their nose. And with all due respect, there are also people here new to the Internet, let alone new to blogging.

    Everyone answers questions in whatever way suits them best. There's no imperative here, except one's own imperative to do so. I've taken the stance of simply backing out of threads where I don't feel I can contribute. There's always another thread with a question where I can help.

    The addition of the drop down "which COM blog" menu to the New Topic form I think is the first "useful roadblock", to quote mark, I've seen here in the forum in the 2+ years I've been hanging out here and it is helpful. Certainly better than where we were a week ago. I do agree that an additional tweak or two to the New Topic form will assist ORG users even more to get to the correct forum.

    And this thread has gone off on a tangent I never intended. Chill please people.

  4. I've continued the tangent elsewhere justjennifer and tsp. I just had to say something but it was too lengthy and off topic.

  5. @tsp: I can't begin to describe my astonishment.

    "Pissy attitude"? At the same moment I reported those cases here, I wrote to you, saying simply and directly "I thought we had agreed not to reply without a link to the blog in question", and then "we'll miss you if you [leave the forum]". Does that seem pissy to you, especially towards you (a person I have repeatedly praised, and a person I admire for both his expertise and his good will)?

    "Want to play pretend moderator"? I thought we were discussing what the best policies to follow are. In this thread devblog linked to his suggestion that some members should be promoted to moderators, which happened to include me in its extremely short list of possible candidates. This "pretend moderator" avoided even thanking devblog for the honor, so as not to draw attention to that: first out of modesty, second because I don't agree with the idea.

    "Who are you to question what they [staff] do?" Like I said, I'm a member interested in what the best policies to follow are. And since the forum is mostly run by us volunteers, I think we have every right to question anything anyone does. My apologies for not worshipping staff (the venerated "gods", as devblog sarcastically says above): we do most of the job here, so we should have a say on how to do it.

    (And I wonder: is Vivian also guilty of the charges of would-be-moderator and who-is-she?)

    "Did it ever once occur to you that automattic staff has access to the wordpress.COM accounts, which means they can check to see if someone has a blog here?"

    Do you really think I am so stupid? Of course I know staff has access to the accounts (and have explained it to visitors when I had to). You're just missing the point, which isn't merely the org problem: how many times have you or Vivian or raincoaster written things in the vein of "we need to see the blog in order to find out what's wrong" or "we need to see which theme you're using in order to give an answer that applies "? I thought it was best to inform all new visitors of the general need for the blog link (even when a particular question can be answered without that), so that things will run more efficiently if they visit again with other questions. (Let me also note that when i see a no-blog-link post, the first thing I do is copy the nick and try it as the blog name - while some other volunteers won't do that: this way I have found many of the blogs staff has direct access to - but again I tell them about the link first.)

    If we all agree on what's best, I'll gladly follow. If we don't, I'll do as I think and you'll do as you think. If I'm wrong re the blog link or anything else, you can tell me (like tellyworth soberly does) without having me stand on trial with expressions such as "who are you" (which I would have never expected from you).

  6. whoa! looks like I have been missing a lot since my hiatus from forum volunteering. I get what Tellyworth is saying but when I come back to volunteer Im still standing by my personal policy to use the modlook tag not only for spam but also for users.
    Tellyworthy said that theres nothing that can be done about the .ORG users if I read comments correctly, so I just want to say that I like the idea of that, is my site working site I have tried to direct those that didn't provide a url. I think that was reasonable and from now on we should use that. Though Im still using the modlook tag for users because I believe that this can be adverted I mean dont other forums do this?!?! Other then that, you guys should stop the name calling and hug it out virtual style.
    But, Im kind of out of the loop with there being some new guy around helping with the CSS questions and everyone is getting to the questions before I get a chance...I just wanted to mention that :(

  7. Okay, people, just one comment:

    How about a WRONG FORUM tag?

  8. Wow can't we all get get along. :-)

  9. No, we can't. It's the internet!

  10. LOL....thats soooo true

  11. from a person not used to playing with the big kids:
    astonishment is right.
    I agree with teck07 "Wow can't we all get get along. :-)"
    Negative comments about each other volunteers really are not useful—perhaps are even hurtful. This has been, and I hope, and will continue to be, a helpful. friendly forum.

    Call me naive, but don't call me late for dinner.

  12. @aw1923, it's not that we can't do anything to reduce the .org questions - we can and are doing that gradually. But there will always be some.

  13. I understand tellyworth, I dont expect everything to be all perfect and dandy, if using the modlook tag for people is annoying then I will stop and let someone else answer those questions.
    Now lets show them how its done and hug it out virtual style
    *hugging?...Im waiting* LOL

  14. Than you tess, for sharing your opinion. :-)

  15. It was never my intention to police anyone. I always suggest and start those suggestions with the word "please". The online knitting chats I ran for four years for the KnitList taught me one very important lesson, we're guests here in someone else's house. Act in a polite and friendly manner or be prepared to meet the bouncer. :)

    As the OP, can I request this thread to be moved to Off-Topic.

  16. Moved for you Jennifer :)

  17. Jennifer, I don't think bazaarofdreams had you in mind: I am to blame for that.

    And of course I agree with teck that there's no reason why we cannot all get along fine. (As far as I am concerned, I hope tsp and bazaarofdreams will realize that concern over how to deal with a problem is neither an insult nor "policing" - or at least was not meant as such.)

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