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A Question I have;

  1. Hello guys...

    I am not talking about Google Ads but about other ads.

    Suppose I want to sell 125x125 spaces on my blog? Can I do this?

    Can I put ads other than Google Adsense on my blog like Adbrite or Clicksor?

    Suppose I write a paid post, is this allowed?

    Thanks guys!

  2. No, you cannot do this without having your blog deleted.

  3. So I cannot do any one of those 3 things? Not even the third one?

  4. No.

  5. If you would like to have the ability to do this then you need to
    look over at http://WordPress.ORG for self hosting were your allowed
    the freedom of ads.


  6. Yeah yeah... I read those. I don't have my own domain so I can't host my own wordpress blog.

  7. If this is something you really, really want to do, then do by all means check out self-hosting. Buying a domain name isn't a big deal and sometimes you can find good, reliable and inexpensive web site hosting.

    But those are all questions to ask over at .ORG because you can't serve up ads on COM even if you buy your own domain names and host your blog here. It would still be against COM Terms of Service. Just sayin'... Cheers!

  8. Whoops! "domain names" should have been "domain name".

  9. pornstarbabylon

    Do you have the traffic yet for someone to want to buy ad space? I'll probably consider my next move when I start getting enough traffic but I don't have that kind of traffic yet. So I'm just concentrating now on blog content until that time comes.

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