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a record

  1. hi,

    if my domain technical stuff asks me for "a record" so they can direct my domain name to my wordpress blog. what should i do?

    i searched here, but couldn't find any info

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Do you want to change your blog name from something like "" to "" ??

    If so the easiest is to do domain mapping as explained in the link you found. Cost you $ 12.-- US dollars per year. Then your WordPress.COM part of the URL goes away.

  3. thanx

    i see that registering a domain through wordpress will cost me 17$ per year.
    is there any way i can transfer my domain from one registar to wordpress, instead of paying mapping and domain holding

  4. Transferring a Domain to
    We do not currently accept incoming domain transfers. If you already have a domain and you want to use it with your, follow the instructions for mapping an existing domain to your blog.

    There is no free way to have domain map for you. You must purchase the annually renewable domain mapping upgrade. If you require a zone record Staff will provide one for you.

  5. You need to pay for both domain mapping and domain registration (holding) no matter how you set your blog or site up - some hosts don't charge for domain registration as a separate line item but build the "free registration" into the cost of the hosting. If you host not at WordPress.COM the cost of the domain mapping is built into the cost of the hosting. The reason there is a domain mapping cost at WordPress.COM is because the hosting is free and then you pay for upgrades from the base cost of $ 00--.

    Registration at WordPress.COM is $ 5-- / year. the other options are for Domain Mapping and Private registration (your registration information is hidden from the public - $ 8-- / year I think)

  6. ok, i'll get the 12$ solution.

    and i go back to the first question. what's an a-record? that's what the technical stuff of my domain asks me

  7. This is answered in the support documnetation:

    For certain domains, such as and other non-US domains (or ccTLDs), your registrar may require us to add a “Zone Record” on the servers before the name servers can be updated. Please contact support and state the domain you want to map, and we’ll take care of this for you.

  8. i have a com site.
    but i contacted support. danke

  9. Okay and you're welcome.

  10. The A record is part of the what I call internet magic - can't remember for sure -

    the easiest is as noted in the link you found - is for your registrar to change the name servers to point to WordPress.COM then you do the domain mapping for $ 12-- and sometime between 24 and 72 hours all the internet is updated and your WordPress.COM blog site has the WordPress part of the domain name URL goes away - changes usually start within a few hours but for some reason you will probably be the last one to see the changes. That seems to be related to caching issues with your ISP and the routers between you and your site and registrar.

  11. i wish i could. my registrar insist of an "a record".
    i'll wait for support answer

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