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A replacement for YouTube

  1. I've never been a big fan of YouTube, but them adding porn to my uploads has crossed the line IMO.

    After asking a few people who have been blogging a lot longer than me, i was directed to DivShare, which is basicly a another YouTube, but with some interesting difference.

    DivShare allows:

    ANY upload of ANY item so long as its under 200mb (2GB if you have a pro account)
    Live streaming on MP3 tracks which makes it great for pod casting
    Higher Quality vids
    Better GUI

    I have emailed the feedback in already, but thought i'd post it here aswell to try and gather support.

    Below is a copy of the support letter i just sent in. Please join me in trying to get the staff to allow them.

    With the new random movie bar that YouTube has introdiced ive had to remove all the you tube links from my posts. This new feature displays random movies as a bar at the bottom of the display, however it appeares that there is no filttering of any sort. Throught the day ive been checking, and ive had over 20 porn vids displayed. Now on a blog of my content this is unacceptable, since its a general blog aimed at all ages.

    I'd therefore like to recomend a replacement for them, in the form of DivShare. This is a site very similar to YouTube, in that you can upload vids to be displayed in blogs and site. However you can also upload ANY other file type to be shared, so long as its 200mb or under. You can also upload podcasts in the form of MP3's for streaming, or any other form of MP3 for streaming.

    I have a self hosted blog which has DivShare on it now i've had to remove the YouTube links, please feel free to have a peek at the example post there:

    And here's their site:

    Quality wise, ive found them to be better than YouTube aswell, they seem to use a higher encoding quality than YouTube. Please consider adding them to the accepted video links.

    Many thanks

  2. The biggest problem I see with this (and a friendly reminder that I'm not staff and have no offical status here) is that divshare is a pay site. By adding them in, staff is bascially saying that they support spending your money with them and Matt and crew may be against that.

  3. Nope, DivShare is like photobucket and other image hosts. They have both free and paid . The difference is that a paid account gets rid of the adverts, allows you to upload 2GB files rather than 200mb files, and gives FTP access.

    I've been using their free package with no troubles

  4. Well they don't promote their free side that much. I have it up on the other windows here and all I see is the 99 cent a file price.

    Not doubting you of course. Feel free to point me in the right direction. :)

  5. from the DivShow home page (your obviously not looking on the home page)

    DivShare is the free file hosting service
    for everyone. No registration required!
    Upload unlimited files
    Serve unlimited downloads
    Files stay online forever!
    No pop-up ads or spam
    Upload a file right now, or sign up for a free account to use our advanced features.

    Then drectly under that is an advert thats smaller than the above one for the Ptro account.

    The vast majority of the home page is taken over by the uploading interface, its huge >.<

    On a side note, and Flikr are paid sites aswell, yet they supported here charges near $80 a year (thier free account has a 10mb file size limit)
    Flickr charges $25 a year. So saying that they wont use them because they charge is a bit wrong IMO

    Here's a screen cap of the home page:

  6. I've never been a big fan of YouTube, but them adding porn to my uploads has crossed the line IMO.

    +1 for finding any other YouTube substitute that doesn't add porno to uploads.

    *shudder* 900 lb. naked women is something I don't ever need to see again

  7. AMEN to that!!! I hope i NEVER see that >.<

    The one's i saw were bad enough thank you very much. Frankly 've never wanted to watch strangers going at it >.< certainly not on a blog/website im involved with. And definatly not a 900lb woman, though it begs the question of how she moves.....*has an image, hurls and starts clawing his eyes out*

  8. Frankly 've never wanted to watch strangers going at it >.< certainly not on a blog/website im involved with.

    In fact, I'll go further than that and say I don't wish to witness any people involved in any sexual acts on my computer screen, now or ever, regardless of their appearance, weight, sex and/or gender preferences.

    Addressing the original issue, I don't think that bloggers should be limited to using YouTube and subjected to having unexpected "additional" material piggybacked onto their uploads.

  9. Mark just replied to my support ticket saying they were turning that feature off at that end, which is great an all, but i agree having another provider to choose from would be good. Plus DivShare are one of the few that allow MP3 streaming, which is a godsent for people looking to do podcasts.

    Edit: He just said they were disabling that new feature of YouTube, no comment on whether they would look at DivShare though :(

  10. Disabling YouTube's "new feature" off is good news {{{I'm still shuddering}}}.

  11. oooooo i just found another good reason to use DivShare,

    Like all files, Pro files must meet our content standards. All uploads should comply with our Terms of Use — any files that infringe on copyright or could be considered adult in nature are prohibited. This also applies to private files, even if you don't intend on sharing them. If Pro files are found to be in violation of our content standards, they will be deleted with no refund.

    So even if at a later date they followed YouTube with adding a bar at the bottom, you'd get no porn, since they dont allow it :) YAY!! for DivShare :P

    I'm going to try it out for a month or so, if it works aswell as it is now i think i'll upgrade to a pro account.

  12. I really have to do a post now called "Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre Sings Bohemian Rhapsody and Really, Really Huge Naked Women". If that doesn't get me into the Top Posts, nothing will.

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