a requital: so, my wordpress blog is something like suspended!?

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    I became frustrated with your robot declaring that I had to PAY to renew my blog. I typed a post with the least bit of rationality to no one I thought would answer me, and now I can’t find my blog at all.
    I’m beyond frustrated with everything worth saving, to have it be annihilated by some stupid robot declaring my work owned by something other than who I choose to share it with FREELY. I hate your .ME taking claim of my original wordpress blog just because I paid it. I don’t want to write for free anymore; I want to be PAID for it. So lastly I feel lost for everything I wrote in confidence that something SAVES ME. Now everything I ever wrote is prohibited, and I am astonished by my antagonism when freedom of speech isn’t exactly “free”, and even my benign little robot doesn’t welcome me. All I become is answerless the search engine for where I felt instantly renewable even if inconscrutable. I thought I had a sanctum of security, and I want it back. You can have your .ME. I want my blog back… effective immediately.


    I suspect that all things are done in preservation of things that shall come. So, I’ll write this book without scoring through what I may have already encoded contextually. Fine. Just keep me cohesive to collecting myself to a narrative. You were my catalyst for intimating something resounding in me that felt mere to words that couldn’t be grasped collectively. Thanks wordpress. Just say you saved me!

    ugh…. email …



    It looks like your domain name wisdomintheflesh.me was not renewed two months ago – you need staff help to renew it – no censorship at all – all your content should be safe just at your old blog address before the mapping

    I have flagged this for the staff to help you



    Hi there Wisdom,

    Your blog is marked Mature, but it’s not suspended. You can still access it. It is available here:

    Your domain must have expired some time ago, and may well be available again. You have to pay to renew custom domain names every year, but whether or not you renew the domain name doesn’t change or hide or suspend your content. However, using the custom URL will no longer work, and you must use the underlying blog URL.

    I hope this helps!

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