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    Shortcodes come in pretty handy, of course, but there’s at least one we don’t have. Specifically, one to embed a form allowing visitors to subscribe to one’s blog. Although the subscription widget already allows for that, it’s a widget, a whole block in the sidebar for something that visitors will only have use for once, if at all. On the other hand, a simple link to a page at which visitors could subscribe sounds very nice, in that it’s discrete, mostly out of the way for all those who don’t need it anymore. So, I hereby suggest a new subscription shortcode that embeds a subscription form on a page. The internal subscription service is already great; adding this one more way for people to subscribe would make it all the better.



    Would you like to submit your idea to Staff directly?



    I might; thanks.



    I think the rationale is that once someone subscribes, the widget reduces in size because the text then says that you have subscribed to the blog. This of course assumes that the person who has subscribed, has the cookie set on the browser (or logged in, I’m not sure how exactly it works though).

    I agree that the subscription widget takes up too much of a space since it is for one time use only. But I believe there are no better examples anywhere for a suitable solution.



    While we’re on the subject of shortcodes, I would really like a shortcode that displays page views of that particular blog post. It would be really neat to have that shown to visitors unless there was a reason not to.

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