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A simple photoblog.

  1. Hello fellow bloggers.
    My name is peter and i just started a wildlife photo-blogg, i will concentrate on posting pictures so there wont be much text, it will mostly be about Swedish wildlife and environments close to where i live.

    I´m an amateur and the pictures might not be the best technically but they will tell a story and i hope you will enjoy them. I wont set a goal on how often i will update but most likely i will post a picture everyday :)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Yay another photographer.


    Beautiful photography!

  3. dlackenphotography

    I can't find a link...?

  4. - Stupid forums, if you click the inactive link it changes it back to Active.

  5. Hey guys, sorry about the missed link, i´m swedish! :)
    I must say that you all have such nice and creative looks on your blogs, well done.

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