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A single Category on a new Page

  1. Is there a way to create a new Page that will display posts from a specified Category?

    For example, a reader could visit the NEWS Page of my site and have a dynamic listing of all posts from the News Category from my blog. Essentially, this is a page that is just like the home page except it filters for the one Category.


  2. Sorry about posting this twice. I got an error message and... well frankly I didn't retype it other than hit reload so don't know why there's a copy...

  3. You can't create a new page, but you can easily create a link in a Text widget or Blogroll that links to the category. For instance, this would take you to a page that only shows entries tagged with "bridges" in my blog:

    So, to do "news" on yours, it would be this:

  4. Ah, great - thanks!

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