A Site is Using One of My Photos – No permission granted

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    http://inspekt-security.com/beautiful-feet-books/ has used a photo of mine:


    This photo belongs to me. My site indicates permission needs to be granted to use a photo. This photo was taken on 2/14/2012, and I have the proof that it belongs to me. I have asked the folks at this site to remove the photo and the response I received gave me this address:

    WordPress [(email redacted)]

    Can you please ask them to remove this photo? They have not done so since I requested this at 6:54 a.m. PDT today, May 21st, 2013.

    Thank you!

    The blog I need help with is salmonfishingqueen.wordpress.com.



    That is an independently-hosted blog and WP.com staff can’t help you with that. You need to follow these instructions http://manolofood.com/whine-journalism-and-how-to-bring-the-splashback/



    Your post is a bit confusing. ttp://inspekt-security.com/beautiful-feet-books/ is your site and that is your original picture posted there?

    And the salmonfishingqueen.wordpress.com. isthe one that borrowed the picture?

    I don’ t see the picture from at http://inspekt-security.com/beautiful-feet-books/ and
    http://inspekt-security.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/pretty-feet-contest-150×150.jpg in use on the blog at salmonfishingqueen.wordpress.com.

    Are you sure the picture is in use on that blog and not another? I cannot find it on the blog URL you posted. If it was there are you sure they have not already removed it and you are looking at a cached page in your browser still showing it to you.

    They are a WP hosted blog so WP could do something if it says they will in the WP TOS.

    if it is really still in use at salmonfishingqueen.wordpress.com. and I missed it you most likely won’t get much help posting it in a forum except to let others now this blog borrowed a photo from you, and may feeds some trolls.

    First, you need to check out the WP TOS and see if they have a rule about the taking of intellectual property and if they will arbitrate the issue or take other action.

    Then you should contact WP’s customer service by email or phone, provide then with your information and proof and ask that they take the action they say they will in their TOS. That would be the best place to handle it.



    stormwench, raincoaster is right, inspekt-security.com is not a WordPress.com-hosted blog.

    The fact that the site was built using WordPress, or may mention ‘Powered by WordPress’ (or something similar) simply means it is using the WordPress.org software, which may be downloaded and installed on any web host. Please refer to http://en.support.wordpress.com/com-vs-org/ for the further differences between WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

    If you need assistance in determining a web site’s host, we recommend reviewing the following articles:




    To Raincoaster: Thank you for the information! Very helpful!

    To Stormwench: My site is salmonfishingqueen.wordpress.com My photo is being used by inspekt-security.com without my express permission as is indicated on my blog. My post is still on my page and was published on 3/21/12 and is the first photo in that post.

    To MacManx: Thank you as well for your help! I was able to discover who the web host is, and submitted an abuse report following the post that Raincoaster directed me to.

    Many thanks to all.



    You’re welcome!




    Thank you Timethief! I have filed a DMCA complaint with the hosting website! Everyone was such a big help, and I have all the links included in this forum topic now bookmarked!

    Thank you to everyone!



    You’re welcome and best wishes. :)

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