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A Spoon of God

  1. I am sharing this information with other because I truly enjoyed the reading. I recent order this book titled "A Spoon of God" it had a lot of different life applications in the book and one of the chapter's it was talking about, "Predator in the vineyard" and another "Jews you are right!, you are not". This book was really stirring up somethings that I have heard over the Pulpit for many years and it had reference scriptures to back everything up.

    I am still going to the round table of scholars and we are having a great time discussing some of the chapters in this book.

    Let me know if anyone get the book, maybe you can join our round table discussions

  2. "Hi I am Didi Brown Author of A Spoon of God"

    email: [email redacted]

  3. <<<<

    Please do not abuse our wordpress forums for your spam.

  4. <quoteback>Let me know if anyone get the book</quoteback>

    Let us know if you get a blog, where you can post this sort of thing to your heart's content.

    /nod to diss

  5. Yes, blockquote. 2 forums at once.

  6. God doesn't use a spoon; She uses a spork!

  7. God? What's that then?

  8. It is I, raincoaster! Send me offerings of exotic cheeses.

  9. The Rotorooter of God is also not bad.

  10. I hereby introduce polytheism, declaring myself the supreme deity. Bring me finger food.

  11. God is dead. Long Live the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

  12. thanks for the share dude =)

  13. I'm waiting for the sequel,
    A Fork in The Road To Paradise.

  14. Oh, did one of you find my spoon?

  15. riraito ~ you've been told by rain; now you're going to be in a heap of hurt if rain has no offerings of cheeses yet sees you spamming again.

    fingerfoods are nice, especially if you're a dip.

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