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A Star was born ! Here is a Writer , not me , among us , that deserves your time

  1. Once in a blue moon you run into a real talent , who writes with fluent words that simply carry you through the thoughts or exciting spaces that makes you feel great .
    In every sentence the inspiration ( Not choice ) of words , their lenghts , arrangement all mix to ride your mind at the beat of your heart and rythm of your breathing ... is this so good that was Calculated ? , flew through my mind ...

    This is the first time that I reccomend someone's writings , they are that good !

    Open a brew and enjoy it while it's free before printing !

    Take your vitamins and eat according to your blood type Wingsruck , so you can live and write long !!

    Best regards ,


  2. Xbardulce,
    thank you so so much,i greatly apperciate you or anyone taking the time to read my work.
    i dont however do it to be insightful or to simple have people comment and tell me they like it.I write for me and i just love getting the words across,expressing myself,weather or not people take something from that,i dont know,simply by taking the time to read anything i have to say makes it all the more rewarding to me
    Thank you for the comments,and kind words of encouragement Xbardulce,there are alot of people out there too i feel deserve to be heard,and id gladly read and hear from them.

  3. … indeed Wingstruck , is hard to be heard , and we all should make an effort to recognize talent and recommend it so others can enjoy it … and so I did !
    BTW , drop me a line when you’ll get published , I’ll buy them !

    Cheers !

  4. Youve every confidence in me,alright then im going to get everything together as you suggested an get on it,ill definately let you know if that happens
    at least ive one fan,one step closer to it now
    just got to refine it a bit

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