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A static post that wont delete

  1. I've just started creating a website and i've managed to create all the navigation and pages but amidst trying to find out how to change the websites header and blurb I pasted a quick slug somewhere in one of the options but now have looked everywhere and cant find it to delete. It also has my email address with this little blurb.
    Its only on my home page between the title of the website and the first post of my static page but i cant find where its pasted anywhere on my dashboard does someone know how i can get rid of it?

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks as if you put that in the Excerpt box (although I could be wrong; that theme is unique). So go to edit the first post and see if it's in the Excerpt box, and if so, remove the email or even the whole thing if you like.

    Alternately, it could be an Alert. Go to Dashboard->Settings and change it there.

  3. I dont believe my theme supports excerpts as there isn't an option on the screen options
    and ive looked in all the sections of the settings , i dont have an alerts option :S

  4. Let me look at my other blog; it's using that theme.

  5. Oh wait: Tagline. Change it under Settings->General

  6. the taglines apparently blank when i go on my Settings-> General that's why I'm confused where this is, its only on the first page and is a bit like a tagline but I want to delete it cant find where its pasted anywhere on all the dashboard in setting options

  7. I've looked around that theme and I can't find it, alas. Sorry, maybe one of the theme wranglers or more experienced volunteers can help.

  8. According to firebug, that's located in your "header widget." I'm unfamiliar with that theme, but I presume that perhaps the header widget can be found in Appearance > Widgets?

  9. AH, smart.

  10. ~~raincoaster (sometimes I do have a tiny little moment like that!)

    @gracemarie: I activated Inuit Types on one of my test blogs, and it's called "Front Page Intro" and it should be a text widget that you can drag out of there or just edit so that it has text that you want -- and not your email addy!

  11. Found it !! Thanks for you help it was in a gravatar widget in the front page intro box :)

  12. You're welcome. Glad you were able to fix it!

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