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A "stupid" question (sorry!) :)

  1. Why always more premium themes? Why should I pay (sometimes too much!) for a theme that seems not so different from the free ones? That is, what have premium themes essentially in most?
    Thank you very much!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Why are you asking me, dude?

    If you don't want to buy the themes, I fail to see how the introduction of themes in which you are not interested forms any kind of burden to you. Just go right ahead with your "not buying themes" plan and you're all good.

    I don't like pink themes, but I don't complain when WP adds them.

  3. Obviously I have not explained (I also do not like pink themes. In fact, I did not ask of them).
    Sorry, but my English is poor.

    Just asking *what the premium themes have more than others*: I would like to understand the reason for their price.

    Then the fact that there are always more premium than free and that everyone can choose as he likes, is only secondary!

  4. They are newer, and generally have more features, like built in sliders, featured posts, carousels, and often a more modern look about them; more news site, less 'blog'. In order to get these themes to users while the design aesthetic is still fashionable, has made a deal with the designers that results in the cost.

  5. Ok, thank you very much. :D

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