A Suggestion for Mixfolio's Featured Images

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    @zoeyq: This is an example of a post with post format Image. The first tab displays the image chosen for the post thumbnail. The second tab displays the content. And the third tab displays comments. If you want an image to show in the first tab and not in the second, then choose an image as your featured thumbnail and do not insert the same image into your post content.

    With regard to choosing the image that shows up, your featured thumbnail will be displayed first. If you haven’t manually chosen one, then you could manually re-order your image stack in your image upload screen so that the image with the highest order is used on your home page. Hope that helps!



    Thank you kindly. That helps perfectly!


    I have a question similar to zoeyq. In the video post format, the video doesn’t show under the video tab, but under the info tab, in fact there is no video tab… what’s the correct way to embed the video?


    @viveiroscordeiro: Can you give me an example Post Title/URL that I can look at? The video should show up if it’s from one of the popular services (technically speaking posts with the Video post format that use an embed code). Thanks!


    Tanks Philip, I think I have solved the problem! The wp-post-formats plugin was missing, so I hadn’t the video URL field in video post format… After installing the wp-post-formats, everything is ok … Great theme!

    Now, the question is: the instructions said, “You will be prompt to install and activate a few plugins. Do it.” I didn’t find this indication during installation; so perhaps same other plugins are missing… Can you tell me what I did wrong, or what are the other plugins?

    The URL is: http://www.reflex.pt
    Is only a test for now!

    Tanks a lot for helping.



    in mixfolio how do you show more than 9 image boxes on the homepage?
    I have seen it with 12 but don’t know how to change my settings?


    @nikicreative: This is controlled by the “Blog pages show at most” setting under Dashboard → Reading Settings. :)


    @viveiroscordeiro: Ah, it looks like you’re using the WordPress.org version of the theme, not the WordPress.com version. For future support, you’ll need to contact Graph Paper Press directly unless you end up using the theme on WordPress.com, because some of the features between the two versions are different. Cheers.



    Hi thanks for that
    I seem to have 11 posts showing up on my homepage how do I keep it at nine?
    The other posts are in a print archive category but some of them are also showing up on my homepage. Here’s my site if you could please have a look.
    I just want the first 9 posts showing up and no older posts.
    If you have a solution that would be great.
    Cheers Niki



    @nikicreative: Currently your setting is set to 10 and you also have 1 Sticky Post on your blog, so that’s why you see 11 posts on your home page. Go to Dashboard → Settings → Reading and adjust the number to find the most suitable increment for you. Cheers.



    Thankyou that did the trick.
    Cheers Niki



    Just one more question when you click into my tv spots there is an archive button with dates and also a Meta button visible. How do I hide or delete this?


    @nikicreative: It’d probably be best to go to Appearance → Widgets and just put an empty Text widget into the sidebar so that the fallbacks don’t show up.



    I’m not sure why some of my carousel images are narrower than others.

    See example here: http://klausming.wordpress.com/

    My original images are square, and I understand that they are reformatted to be shown in a landscape format (so tops and bottoms of images are truncated) – but not all end up the same width (See “The Aristocrats” image – July 26, 2012).

    Not sure how to address this? Any suggestions?
    Thanks, Klaus


    @klausming: Check your site now. You needed to order the images in your post gallery so that the 500+ pixel wide image was being used for the post thumbnail (that or manually set your thumbnail). The thumbnail scanner was pulling one of your smaller images into the home page. All good now. :)



    Thanks Philip, Love the theme!
    Cheers, Klaus


    Hi There Does anyone how to do the info section with the pictures on it ? only description I need. I really need it.

    Thank you


    I forgot to mention that it’s Mixfoilo theme


    @teenviniworks: I’m not sure I understand your question. Can you show me an example URL/link that I can view to figure out what you’re trying to add into your site? Cheers!


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