A suggestion for significant, simple and non problematic customization

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    I think the need for customization, to give to your blog a personal differentiating touch, is strong and clear.

    I was thinking: why not create an additional sheet just for the header? People could place a hosted image (in Flickr, etc), say of 200 by 760 px, without affecting the rest of the template sheets. It could even be 500 by 760 px and that would create an opening screen to the blog.

    No need for knowledge of html to do that,you just place your link to your image at Flickr and that`s it.

    What about that?



    That would be an absolutely amazing feature. Maybe not the easiest thing to add, but it would be greatly appreciated by the community.


    Well, this is a feature-limited free setup. All of you are asking for stuff that costs the earth to program. Do you want to pay for this? You know, like MT?

    If not, then I suggest you use what’s given you and be happy. Or download the program itself, and pay for hosting on your own.

    Oh. Can’t afford it? Well then….



    I want to suggest a model … for getting features and for the cool guys behind it to get paid. (It might cost some to program though)

    • List features wanted
    • First n people to pay x dollars for a feature get the feature implemented and use it
    • Next m people to pay y dollars for the feature makes it free for the rest (thanks!)

    Obvious there has to be a way to determine n, m, x, y

    So, those that are eager to get new feature can pay for it. Those that can wait, wait.



    The ‘cash-for-features’ model has always been treated with some disdain by wordpress developers. They do this for love, not money. If they think a new feature is worth putting in they’ll put it in for everyone, not just the elite few willing to pay for it. If they don’t, you are welcome to employ another coder to produce a plugin for you.

    (Of course, anyone with money to throw around in exchange for more functionality is already paying for hosting and getting more functionality that way. If they have any sense.)



    Hey it’s obvious. Free = incomplete. That’s it.


    Well, that’s one way of looking at it. Guess you’re a “glass half empty” kind of person, huh?


    victoria: Why are you so mean in the threads? You respondly fairly sarcastically to two comments in this thread, and both writers were simply offering up their takes on things. Chill out.



    At this point I was going to ask talkingbase why, not being a moderator, they thought it was their job to police other people’s responses. Then I remembered I am not a moderator either, and taking talkingbase to task would have been a tiny bit hypocritical.

    So I will merely call for an admin to lock this thread, since it is now some way from the original topic and becoming more so with every post.

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