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a suggestion for the WordPress forums

  1. kevinandskylarforever

    Pardon me, but could you please add a forum about zeppelins? For if one were to feel compelled to discuss zeppelins, one would more-definitely than not, enjoy discussing the various aspects of zeppelin. Might I suggest you add some sub-forums of the soon-to-be zeppelin forum as well? These sub-forums could be:
    -Zeppelin design, where individuals can discuss engineering zeppelins.

    -German use of zeppelins during World War II, where individuals can discuss the Wehrmacht's employment of zeppelins during World War II.

    -Post WWII zeppelins, where individuals can discuss modern day uses of zeppelins.

    -Zeppelins as light reconnaissance aircraft, where one can discuss the value of using dirigibles to obtain reconnaissance information.

    -Ma look I built a zeppelin, where members can post pictures, or even videos, of real-life zeppelins that they built, and share their wonderful zeppelin creations with the world.

    -The Hindenburg, where members can discuss the Hindenburg Disaster.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Sounds like a lot of hot air to me.

  3. @kevinandskylarforever
    My suggestion is that we use the forums as they are intended to be used. In the left hand side of the forum we see this:

    Ideas and suggestions for
    What's expected is that we will post threads containing suggestions to Staff for improvement of existing features and/or the addition of news ones to the Ideas Forum.

    Off Topic
    Everything not covered above.
    This "hot air" stuff and other chat threads like it belong in the Off-Topic Forum so I'm flagging it and asking our Moderators to move it there forum you.

  4. kevinandskylarforever

    You could even have a sub-forum for blue-prints and designs, where people can post their own airship blueprints and people can build a zeppelin using your designs and specifications.

  5. This isn't a general discussion forum. It is a technical support forum for WordPress.COM users and except for the off-topic forum, its purpose is to provide a forum where people can get their questions and wordpress issues resolved.

  6. I don't believe the op is serious. Hot air is right.

    He (or she???) seems to be trying to attract interest in a blog which has no connection to zeppelins of any sort.
    In my opinion, a spammer.
    I made this blog on May 5, 2010 to write video game reviews.

    If he/she does have a zeppelin blog, then this is indeed in the wrong forum. \
    Should be off-topic or promote your stuff…

  7. @tess, that certainly occurred to me as well.

  8. Gotta love trolls.

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