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A suggestion that would greatly improve your poduct

  1. Add another user role "reader-only" to the user role settings. I'm sure many bloggers would like to send invites to read but not comment on their posts. I mean, some people you might want to read your stuff, you just don't want to have to deal with reviewing what they might post. Especially with private blogs, this is important. Now, if there is a way to configure WordPress so that you can have some of the users be invited to read-only already, I would just like to know how to do it. Google's blogger allows for you to put that kind of permission restriction on users, what happened to WordPress?
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  2. We do have a Subscriber role, which is similar, but they can comment.

    At Settings -> Discussion you have a number of comment moderation options, including requiring commenters to have a previously approved comment before commenting unrestricted.

    You can also add users that you intended to be "reader-only" to your moderation list or blacklist.

  3. Ok, thanks, I'll check that out and see if it can be jerry-rigged to work. Still, adding a straight "read-only" role to invites would be the cleanest way to do it (see, Google's Blogger). And by that I don't mean that Blogger is better over-all -- WordPress is a much more flexible and powerful blogging software, but the absence of the ability to restrict users to a reader role with ease is a BIG oversight that could be easily fixed from the backend.

  4. Thanks, I will definitely pass this on for consideration!

  5. EXCELLENT!! If you guys just get some missing essential features in order, this will be the most powerful blogging package available on the face of the planet.

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