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    Hello staff… The next time you’re tinkering with the forums, would you please add a note or logo or symbol or something that will tell us volunteers that “Contents of this topic are hidden until it has been reviewed by a staff member.” BEFORE we click on the title of each topic in the ‘Topics with no replies’ area.

    It’s driving me crazy. I click on each one and so much of my time is wasted by getting this message. If there were some way to identify which one is hidden before I click on it, it would help me help other people so much better.

    The blog I need help with is artyoldbird.com.



    If you are talking about the Staff Answers area – only the staff can see the thread until a staff member has replied – so – if there is only one Post in the thread the view will be hidden – anyway that is the sort of rule of thumb I use – wait until either I see a staff name or three Posts (implied the staff replied then the OP answered)


    No, I’m talking about the topics with no replies area:


    Without clicking on each topic, it’s impossible to know which is waiting for staff attention and which isn’t. And the ones that are, have that message ONLY when one clicks on it!



    OK – I have never used that section – but adding a flag of some sort would help as you pointed out

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