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A tag and a category using the same name

  1. I want to have a 'SinFest' tag and a 'SinFest' category... Is it possible?
    Currently, it tells me that I can't because the 'slug' is already being used. I don't care if one of them uses a 'SinFest2' slug, I just want them both to be 'SinFest'.

    I have a few categories with identical tags, but when I want to change a category's name a one which a tag already uses, like in this case, it doesn't let me.

  2. It's possible, but not a good idea. For one thing, it'll get you blocked from the Global Tag Pages if staff notice it: for another, it confuses search engines since tags and categories are the same thing on

  3. Why will it get me blocked?
    So if I have a 'SinFest' category, it's exactly the same as having a 'SinFest' tag in the tag surfer?

  4. Please see here > global tags > missing posts
    Also note that as categories and tags are treated the same way by search engines and by duplication makes zero sense. The only attention it will draw to you will be negative in the search engine context. Over tagging aimed at gaming search engine results is labeled as spamdexing and can have negative consequences when it comes to where your posts are displayed in SERPs (search engine page results).

  5. I'm not over-tagging. I just want a SinFest tag so people who search for SinFest could find my poists, and a SinFest category, because I have a section of posts dedicated to SinFest.

  6. That's over-tagging. Tags and categories function identically at, so that's the same as having two SinFest tags or two SinFest categories.

  7. Isn't overtagging simplt giving a post a lot of tags? Because even if you count categories as tags, I almost never use more than six, and that's the recomended number...

    Well, if people can find my posts through the tag surfer when looking for SinFest even if I just have a SinFest category, I guess I could give the tag up... even though not every time I use it I include the post in the category 'SinFest'.

  8. Please read the section I linked to above. If you blog has mature content not for suitable for viewing by minors, contains legal sexual content, and/or offensive content then it can and may be reported to Staff. If the blog is reported as "mature" then Staff will assess the nature of the content and if they agree with the blogger(s) who reported it then it will be labeled "mature" and your posts will not appear in the global tags pages at all.

  9. My blog doesn't have a mature content, and I do want it to appear in the global tags pages.

  10. Recapitulating:

    Never use the same word or phrase as both a tag and a category. There’s absolutely no point doing that, plus you’ll run into technical problems if you do it.
    1) Categories and tags help your visitors isolate posts they’re more interested in (if you have added the respective widgets). Categories are supposed to be the main subgroups of your posts, while tags (optional) are supposed to be other keywords related to the content of a particular post. Note that the Categories widget displays all the categories assigned to published posts while the Tag Cloud widget is limited to a maximum of 45 tags (the most used ones).
    2) For the global tag pages, categories and tags are exactly the same thing: tags. And that’s why a category and a tag with the same name are actually the same piece of data: as you found out, if you try to edit the one, the other will change as well (so what you’ll have to do is delete the duplicates and re-create them). Also, the more the duplicates, the more the chances you may be considered a tag spammer and get excluded from some global tag pages.
    3) Search engines don't pay much attention to tags. Tags have been greatly abused (to deceive users and drive traffic to sites with irrelevant content), so search engines nowadays look at your content rather than your tags. Watch Google’s own Matt Cutts:

  11. Oh, I see. I deleted all the tags which are identical to a category.

  12. If I have a SinFest category, does it mean I shouldn't even have a 'SinFest Saturday' tag too?

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