A tagging problem, not directed to post but to blog.

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    Hi wordpress support,

    A few weeks back I posted a topic here about image tagging and the problem the tagged images don’t turn up in google, and the untagged images do. I discussed this with Raincoaster and he hoped the staff would look into this. I’m curious if they did and if there’s a solution to this problem.

    With my last post I stumbled upon another tagging problem. I tagged that specific post, and after a week, google indexed it. But, when (in google) I click on the search results of that specific post or an image of it, it leads me to my blog instead of that specific post. That’s inconvenient because my blog is updated often and this means people have to search my blog to find that content they just found in google. How did this happen?

    To add some info, the post I’m talking about is this one: http://sonspopkes.com/2013/03/20/chief-my-crochet-wolf-pattern/

    When I search image, google finds them, but leads to blog not specific post, and, when you click on the image in google you see a bit of info on the right side, and there I read ‘march’. (when directed to my blog you see ‘archive | march’ above the post.

    When I search web, he finds my blog and that content, and when clicked leads me to blog but not the specific post.

    My questions:
    -Is it normal it takes google at least a week to index my site? Or am I forgetting something to tag?

    -why am I directed to my blog instead of the post the content I’m searching belongs to? Is it a matter of time or am I doing something wrong?

    -Did the staff look into my image tagging question?

    I really hope someone can help me out. My blog is very important to my business because I sell crochet patterns, which needed to be found to get sold.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you, regards, Sonja.

    The blog I need help with is sonspopkes.com.


    Know this. All Google has is what you provide.
    If you do not provide an Alt Tag then Google does not have it.

    Alternate text
    Alternate text (ALT) attribute is for situations when an image cannot be loaded and also assists visually impaired people who use apps to read ALT attribute, so what’s in a picture is known.



    Okay, thanks.
    So the alt. text is important for that.
    But what I described in the first part of this topic is the reason I didn’t add an alt text. For some reason, the images of previous posts I did give alt text and tags etc. didn’t turn up in google or somewhere at the bottom and the ones I didn’t tag etc did turn up. That was the reason I started a topic here, because I didn’t understand why that was and I was frustrated google always finds the ‘unimportant’ images instead of the ones I want to be found.

    I would love to direct you to that topic here, but I can’t find it…..
    I discussed this a bit with Raincoaster and the solution was, tag etc. a threw away image and untag the ones that need to be find. It kind of works…..google did now find the right image, but doesn’t direct me to the right place.

    The problem is not solved….I still don’t know how to tag correct.
    What is it that goes wrong here?


    If you click the member link under your username in any support forum thread like this one you will find every thread you posted into one this support forum. That same link is also found on the top right hand corner of every forum page Welcome, zoeyq.




    Oh, that’s helpful!

    This is the topic I was referring to: https://en.forums.wordpress.com/topic/image-tagging?replies=8#post-1187002

    I’m going to read the topic you mentioned above, I see there’s a lot of info there. Thanks.


    I read that thread with your and raincoaster in it. I noticed Staff had not posted to it. I added the tag back again for you as it was no longer there. For more reading see http://onecoolsitebloggingtips.com/2013/02/01/google-image-search-redesign-raises-ire/



    Hmmm, maybe that new google image stuff has got something to do with my problem.

    What I hope to find out is:

    How do I get the images I want to be found, to get found? Because tagging them and ALTernative text etc doesn’t seem to do the job.

    Let’s say I’m writing a post and add 4 images. Number one is the one I want google to find, what do I add where for that image? How can I make sure google finds that image?

    Thanks for adding the tag back for me. I really hope staff can help me!
    I’m going to sleep now, I live in the NL and it’s an hour after midnight here.

    And oh, I’m not having less visitors since that new google image stuff. So that’s good luck for me I guess.

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