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A Tale of Two WordPress Changes

  1. Recently, WordPress changed two themes to have infinite scrolling. This was done without advance notice -- it just happened. Bloggers had no chance to change to another theme if they didn't want infinite scrolling. They had no way to turn it off. It wasn't thought through as far as the ramifications for footers. They made a mess of a signficant number of blogs on two of their most popular themes.

    It was an unmitigated disaster (and that's speaking charitably).

    Recently, WordPress decided to make another change -- moving the Stats page. They let us know well in advance that the change was coming. The beta version was available to all users. The new stats page had problems -- hard to read, no ability to copy, etc, etc. Many of these things have been resolved while it is still in beta. I am presuming that this has been in response to user complaints.

    I STILL do not like the change. I like having the dashboard menu available to me in the stats page. I like having the stats page available with a single click from the dashboard. The whole POINT of a dashboard is to have everything you would want available. This makes the stats page less convenient. I probably won't go there quite as often (which may not be a bad thing, after all). It still seems arrogant to make changes without consulting your users or considering the way they use the product.

    But I want to give WordPress full credit for handling this a lot better than the infinite scrolling fiasco. I don't really like the decision you've made, but you've handled it much, much better this time. Advance notification is always good, advance trials (as with the new stats page) and responding to issues raised is better. Thank you.

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  2. Fair points, all.

  3. At first I didn't like the stats page, but now I do. I like being able to quickly log in and check the stats and get out. Plus, another change you didn't mention was the Manage Comments option, which has really been a time saver.

  4. phoenixtearsheal

    Thoughts on -

    Re :the post-scrolling :
    I like when other blogs, apart from 'picture blogs' have more than one post viewable from the main page,as I do read a lot of blogs; also it's easy to click through to one to add a 'like' etc; and I'm glad I have an auto-pager add-on which I find easier with single post pages :) I guess it's just personal taste.

    I've been using the new Stats page and don't have any problems with it; also like the other page with the number stats, they're fun; and looking forward to the 'by country stats addition.

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