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A Terrible Habit - HB's recent Posts

  1. Ok, in response to recent comments I am not establishing a recent posts thread (as opposed to a new thread each time).

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Click on my site to see my latest post "An Honest Balance - Avoid the denial of your own ordinariness!"

    A potentially controversial (at least in the recovery circles) analysis of over-identifying with whatever "faults" you've struggled with.

    Please let me know what you think!

    on twitter at habituatedbuddh

  3. (oops.. I meant I AM establishing a single thread.... what a moron!)

  4. A new brief post: The Pull of Avoidance at

    (do you all ever use short-links?)

  5. It's finally posted:Re-Imagining the Steps: Step 1, Part 1 at !!!! Join the discussion!

  6. Hey bro - wanna subscribe to my blog?

    Your blog has a fantastic theme, but it's way too serious for my liking lol. I'm getting depressed reading it. Congratulations on the recovery project, though.

  7. @HB Just wanted to let you know. catstevensfan is not actually a cat stevens fan. Trippy, right?

  8. Too bad... I actually like Cat Stevens.... (Checked out the blog and got the "joke")

  9. HB - I stopped by and read, but I'm not really conversant with the 12 step thing. I wanted to say I found your post interesting, but a bit out of my league for a worthy comment.

  10. Thanks teamoyeniyi!

    I am trying to keep my posts a mix ox very "niche" stuff and more general, and this one most certainly was more technical. I do appreciate you letting me know you checked it out...

  11. A second installment in (what is now) my Life Lived "right" series... topic is hubris... please let me know what you think

  12. New post: "Recovery is Not a Drug!" - on the danger of the over promotion of positivity in recovery

    Please let me know what you think!

  13. I read and commented on the wisdom you shared.

  14. New post!!! (Yeah!!!!)

    "Re-Imagining the Steps: Step 1 (part 2)"

    As always, comments from all quarters welcome and encouraged!!!


  15. I commented. Right now I'm up to my eyebrows in work and behind when it comes to answering comments on my blogs but I do want you to know I am reading your posts.

  16. Thank you so much... you always add so much when you comment.

  17. "On Forgiveness" Let me know what yoy think! (Especially the prayer at the end)

  18. I think this is an important topic. I forgot to tell you I liked the wording and sentiment expressed in your prayer as well as the New Model so I left another comment. :)

  19. The third in my "Re-Imagining" Series...

    Please let me know what you think... there or here

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