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A theme that supports multiple menus

  1. Hello. I need help in using multiple menus.
    I feel like I might have misunderstood some prospects, so I will just explain my problem:
    My website is something like a fan fiction website where I have a Home page in the front. I made posts for my fan fictions, with each post being one chapter. I also made categories in the name of the story. I want the people who view my website to be able to click on the name of the story and then be allowed to read the posts in whatever order. For that, I created a custom menu with all the my posts categorized under the title Noona Neomu Yeppeo, made it into a widget, and it was working according to my desire. However, I created another category named Who Taught You That, which is a different story, and made a menu under that with all posts (chapters) categorized under it. However, I see that I cannot make another menu I created a s a widget.

    I am concerned with the fact that I'm not able to link the viewer to story. Please help. I thought that if my theme supports multiple menus, then my problem would be solved, but I'm not able to find any.
    Again, I thank you for your willingness to help me.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. inorielric
    for example the Oxygen theme supports three menus; see Appearance/Menus/Manage Locations in the Dashboard of the Oxygen theme

    also, poke around the various themes here as there are plenty of themes that support multiple menus:


  3. The Enterprise theme has two menu bars. The default behavior of the lower category menu is to show the 10 most popular categories on your blog and no more. Though you can customize what's shown there with Custom Menus. You can create a new custom menu and assign it to the secondary menu location and then add and arrange as needed.

    Motion, Sight and Titan have two menus.


  4. Do you think there is any other way to get what I require on my website other than getting a theme with multiple menus?

  5. Yes. Categorize each different story with the story title, use a custom menu to put each story in its own tab according to this: and then make the posts according to these instructions:

    I think that should work out easier for everyone including teh readers. No need for multiple menus at all.

  6. OK, thank you guys. I added the categories widget and now I've gotten 4-5 followers in a day!!
    However, there's just one more doubt I had.
    Is there any way to regulate the order in which the posts come?

  7. you can manipulate the date of the post; easiest to do that in the Quick Edit screen; but I can't say it's a best practice to be changing post dates


  8. OK, I never thought of doing that! Thanks a lot for your help!!

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