A troller is ruining my blog.

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    A troller is making a lot of views on my blog, I can’t have a “good” view of how many people visit my blog.
    What I can do?
    I can’t block his IP from visiting my blog, wordpress should have a IP blocker or something.

    The blog I need help with is grmonaco.wordpress.com.



    You can use the comment BlackList feature found here > Settings > Discussion if the troll is submitting comments. However, it’s not possible to block anyone from viewing a blog with a visibility set to “public”. The only effective means of blocking is to choose to make the blog visibility “private”.



    I already did this.
    I think that I tricked he by changing the state of my blog to private for few minutes.
    Anyway, thanks for your reply.



    You’re welcome. Do understand that the troll or anyone else can get a new IP very easily so the concept of blocking IPs has had no validity for some time now. Moroever, when we block an IP as the IPS place hundreds of customers in the same IP block there isn’t really an effective mead of blocking an individual person.

    The most effective way of dealing with trolls is to fail to engage them.
    Why allow one individual to control your blog visibility? I don’t. I simply delete the comment and move on. Eventually the trolls get tired of being ignored and look for a new target.

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