a user has found my postal address, how is this possible, how do i stop that?

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    Someone has tracked down where i live, a comment has been posted about my exact postal code, how is this possible, what can i do so my whereabouts is not available

    The blog I need help with is goldenwrench.wordpress.com.



    I expect that this is someone you know trying to upset you rather than a leak from WordPress.

    However this is an extremely urgent and sensitive issue so I am flagging this for staff attention. (if there were some way that this information can be revealed then I am sire that Automatic would want to know and fix it ASAP as many bloggers would be very upset and in some countries in danger.)

    Going on the assumption that it is someone you know commenting to upset you I would add parts of your address to the “Comment Moderation” list in Dashboard->Settings->Discussion, This way any comment containing parts of your address will be referred to you for moderation.



    Are you the owner of judgybitch.com ? if so, it might be possible that they have checked the WHOIS information of that domain. This information is accessible to anyone, and contains your address.

    You can purchase the private registration upgrade to hide that from your registered domain name: http://en.support.wordpress.com/domains/register-domain/#public-versus-private



    WordPress.COM only requires an email address for your account and that email address is never shared – you don’t have a custom domain name so they could not have done a whois to find out who you are

    Is your blog very local centered? – i.e. my favorite restaurant is fill in the blanks which is only two blocs from home


    I am the owner of judgybitch, it is via that domain that the comment was made, I have two blogs. Thanks Kardotim, I have followed that link as suggested and I do not have that option, I am fairly sure I purchased it as part of the bundle at time of purchase. I don’t think it’s anyone messing with me.



    The domain name judgybitch.com is registered to a person in —-(personal info deleted) it’s public info – available to anyone unless you use a private registration service


    Ok, thanks. How do I make that private now?



    See the link that @kardotim provided above – it should take you right to the buy private registration in your dashboard & Store


    I did follow the link and am looking all thru the upgrades, I bought a bundle and I am not being given that private registration upgrade option….



    I just looked at the store for my test blog and did not see the private registration either – kardotim or one of the staff should check back on this thread and then maybe they can give you the secret handshake –

    good luck


    I found it, had to go thru other wordpress username. My fault, sorry.
    Many thanks for all of your help on this matter. I have now made blog registration private.

    Can this thread please be deleted? or the comment that includes my postal address in this thread? As now that I have registered it as private it would be a shame for it to be here on a forum.

    Also auxclass, i had to go under upgrades, then found the link.


    or can someone please flag @kardotim so the posts on this thread containing my PC be removed? thank you.



    There’s no postal address information in this thread. Make sure to delete the comment on the blog you were referring to.


    The comment never came out of moderation, many thanks. Can we also remove the City? Thank you so much for your help on this. I’ve learned so much this morning.



    You’re welcome. What do you exactly mean by ‘the City’ ?


    Moderator Emeritus

    Ok, city is gone as well.



    I see.

    @princesspixiepointless are you all set now? :)



    I found the secret handshake info for enabling private registration after a domain name has been registered


    should have done the search earlier for the link – glad you found it – good luck & you be welcome

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