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    Part of the reason I moved my blog here from livejournal was the easy to use sidebar widgets. I was so dissapointed that Library Thing widgets aren’t supported. Please consider adding them for your bookish bloggers. It’s a great site and so easy to use!



    You mean this one:



    edit: The other thing to remember is that if staff starts adding in support for some of these smaller sites and even if only 1% of the users here add in the widget, we’re going to kill those sites between bandwidth and server strain on their end. It’s like slashdotting. It’s not a fun experience.



    err drmike what does that mean exactly to non-techie person like me?



    It means don’t support smaller sites because it’s too hard on them?

    Library Thing isn’t that small, and their intention is to go large. They want to be a noncommercial version of the Amazon “what I’m reading” widget, and as such I strongly support that. Given the number of book bloggers at WordPress, and given that we can’t have affiliate links, I think there’d be a robust interest in this from both sides. Hopefully Library Thing will come out with a non-javascript widget soon.



    Gotta admit that I’ve seen a fair number of RSS feeds from Amazon around here. Not sure if those are allowed but I haven’t been reporting them. Probably should ask staff though. Do those include affliate links? I’m not big on Amazon’s affliate program as I only have a few of my own clients who use it and they link directly to books. (They get the 25% rate when they do over the basic 5% or whatever it is.)

    Sulz, a perfect example is that stat program we use over at daria.be. When it determines what country a visitor is from, it sends back a request to the home server for a lookup. The author stated that his site took just under 21 million hits in one month alone. That’s some serious bandwidth and strain on the server. The guy who runs Gravatar also moans about what his little box goes through to provide images to everybody. If wordpress.com had added in the gravatar plugin instead of making their own system, it probably would have killed him with all those millions of lookups.



    please, please, pretty please can i have one???? i’ll be good i promise.


    If you would like to put in your vote, I suggest you also send in a request to staff during business hours and include a link to it along with why you would like to see it added.



    Darn it. I just entered my whole library at Library Thing, only to learn that WordPress does not support the widget. Blogspot does. I vote for supporting the Library Thing. It’s soooo cool!



    I’d also like to see support for the LibraryThing widgets. Their quality is equivalent to other widgets, and they are leading in scale for that space.



    Library Thing widget? Yes, please!



    I’d like the library thing widget too!


    I would like a link to their homepage so I can see, what it is. I have questions about what the site supports. How many languages and/or countries for instance…


    I think this is it. Little Denmark seems to be included. Big smile! :-D))) The site is international. That is a vary solid quality for a widget candidate on a place like WordPress.



    very. Sorry.


    Please, please, please??? There are a whole lot of writers who would blog here, but you don’t support LibraryThing, so we’ve got to go elsewhere. :(

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