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A way to change font color on my page?

  1. I'm wondering if there is a way to change my green font on my page to the brown that I just used on my last post? Or am I stuck with the green?

    Thanks for any help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. hi all ... iam also trying for that only...plz suggest

  3. 1.In the visual editor click on the last icon in the top row to get the "kitchen sink" second row of icons.
    2. Another row of icons will appear. There is one with a letter A and a grey bar underneath. That is font color.
    3. Highlight the text you wish to change
    4. Click the icon for font color
    5. Choose the color you want from the palette that pops up
    6. Then save your post or publish

  4. Thanks for the info raincoaster. Guess I can't change it as I cannot afford the upgrade.

    bazaar...Thank you anyway, but that info wasn't what I was looking for. I already knew how to do that. That's the easy one. lol

  5. @nancyca: Please give us the link to the blog in question. And if bazaarofdreams' suggestion isn't what you were looking for, then what exactly are you looking for?

  6. Bazaar,
    Very helpful for a newbie! Thanks!

  7. My second post said that I cannot afford the upgrade to change the font on my ENTIRE blog. Not just in a post. You have to upgrade to be able to do that if I read correctly.

    Thanks for the info everyone!

  8. @nancyca: There is at least one theme in which you can globally change the text color (with no paid upgrade).

  9. Oh, well that's good news! Can you let me know which one it is? If it's not what I have and I like it, I'll change to that one possibly.

    Thanks a bunch!!

  10. You're welcome - link to your blog please!

  11. I found the one that you can change. Thanks!

  12. sabinspirationsandmore

    You can also type your blog in Microsoft Word and changethe color and then copy and paste it to your site. This worked for me with a black background. Not sure if it works with the other backgrounds.

  13. Never, ever do that. You will eventually critically bork your blog.

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