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    I’ve just purchased the custom css upgrade.

    I wan’t to know, could I change some text from the themes?
    ‘Cause I’m a french speaker and I wan’t to have my buttons in french. Only 2 or 3 themes are multi-langual, so I wan’t to know is there a way for me to change the text of some themes?



    Hi Tom
    There is no staff support for css customization so I’m just chiming in to let you know I have contacted another blogger who has the technical skills to help you. Please be patient and he will get to you when he can.


    CSS only controls the presentation of the elements on your page, not the actual elements themselves.
    here’s an explanation, kinda

    so the first and best thing to do is to go to http://translate.wordpress.com log in, and translate english phrases into french.

    since those tranlsations take a while to get implemented, in the mean time you can make images of the french words you want to display, and use them in place of the english text.

    for example (although this is already in french on your blog):
    li.widget_calendar h2 {
    background: url(calendriar.jpg) top center no-repeat;
    display: block;
    width: 100%;
    text-indent: -9000;

    each widget has its own class, so you can single them out and add specific images to each heading that way.

    if you could give me an example of the specific text you want to change, i can try to be more helpful. (the only english i see is the title of the flickr widget (which can be changed in the widget) and the link at the bottom of the widget (which can’t be changed by CSS due to some faults in the flickr code and the way it’s been implimented here).



    Thanks :)

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