A way to get rid of followers' details whose blogs have been deleted

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    If not oneself, then a way that it can be done automatically by the software. Despite only starting my new blog a couple of days ago, I have already got one follower whose blog no longer exists, showing up on my Follow stats. It’s a total pain and it makes the follows show the wrong number. Please fix this somehow. I can’t be alone in being annoyed about this. I was annoyed about it when I had my previous blogs too. Total bummer. :(

    The blog I need help with is artyoldbird.com.



    I’ve been mulling this over. I’m not clear why it matters whether or not a follower has a blog. What’s being counted is followers and followers aren’t required to have a blog. If the follower has a WordPress.com username account they aren’t required to blog in it or link to it. So how can the followers numbers be wrong simply because a person doesn’t have an active blog linked to their username, or because they have a private blog they do not wish to link their username to?


    In a way I agree with you, and in a way I don’t. I went there to click on the blog URL to visit and, if I enjoyed any of the blog posts, to comment. But there wasn’t a blog to go to and it was the only blog associated with the person following. So where does that leave me as blogger who likes to reciprocate? Maybe the Gravatars should be linked instead, except that not everyone realises that to have their blogs link to that, they have to actively put a link to the blog in their profile.

    Suppose the follower only has one blog to their account, and then deletes it. There’s no reciprocation possible, is there? To me, blogging is about communication as much as about blogging.



    Yes, for most bloggers blogging is about conversation. Where humans gather they chatter and without doubt the blogosphere includes many isolated people, who do not have active social lives offline. However, there are also bloggers who have blogs with comments closed that do very well.

    I have followers ie. readers who never comment and I follow ie. read blogs I don’t choose to comment on. I do not ascribe to the comment reciprocity or follower deletion notion.

    It’s a follower tab that we click to receive posts and read them. There is no commenter tab. In essence, followers are blog readers and some but not all of them choose to are comment. If we had the ability to delete followers, then I would not delete any simply because these readers of my blog don’t have a blog or have private blogs I can’t access and cannot comment on.


    I suppose really, what I mean is that the followers should appear without the URL of their blogs, if their blogs no longer exist, as it’s just terribly frustrating to have that there when there is nowhere to go.

    As for your ‘I do not ascribe to the comment reciprocity’ If that were entirely true (I’m not calling you a liar, by the way) you would not welcome the commenting in your own blog that you do! :)

    Let’s call a truce, TT. Aside from anything else, I deliberately posted this to the Ideas forum to let staff know what I’d like and to hope that someone would agree with me and support me. But it’s okay to have views that are the opposite too! :)



    what I mean is that the followers should appear without the URL of their blogs, if their blogs no longer exist




    Hold it! I changed my mind. I think I finally get what you mean. For example I consider clicking through to the gravatar site only to find that there is no blog listed for a follower to be an annoying waste of my time. Yes, I agree that I want to be able to sort followers who don’t have blogs out of the mix.


    Yep! You got it! ;) :)

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