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A website has stolen my post and even edited it

  1. Hello, I have a problem here, I wrote a post on my blog, and I got an email from a website "Before It's News" that they want to implement a RSS feeds system on my blog etc...which I denied because I don't want my posts to be duplicate on the web! However, after visiting their website, I saw they copied my post and also edited it which normally they have no right as I did include conditions on my blog.

    Can WordPress help me to solve this problem, because I do not want any website to copy my posts etc.... I think perhaps other WordPress blogs can face this problem so I prefer to share this with you!

    This is the post I wrote:

    And this is the link which the website has stolen my post and even edited it, you can differentiate it with mine:

    Please help!
    Blog url:

  2. See here for what to do: .

  3. I contacted the author to remove the post, should I proceed with the DMCA or wait until he remove?

  4. If you have contacted them, wait and see what they do. If they don't remove it in a reasonable time, or if they say they will not, then go ahead with the DMCA violation notice. takes this sort of thing very seriously, but it make take a few days after you submit before it is taken down.

  5. But I read on the DMCA page I may have to pay for lawyers etc... I dont have money... for this...

  6. Oh and actually, that is not a site, so if they do not take it down, you will have to send the DMCA notification to their web host.

  7. Can you elaborate how should I do this?

  8. Actually it appears they may have their very own server and are not hosted on a normal web host.

    Keep your fingers crossed that they take the post down.

  9. This is really a problem of having duplicate content on the web, as a result, it may be mine who will be penalized in terms of SEO even the author has credited my link on the post.

  10. Personally, I always go to DMCA right away. It scares the pants off people. They may, in extreme cases, dare you to file suit; you can actually file without a lawyer, at minimal cost. Bring the fuckers to their knees. It's incredibly rewarding to know you crushed a thief; I speak from long experience.

  11. Well, the guy deleted it, however, 2 other websites stole it now, but I think I will forget this matter. If this continues, DMCA to the rescue...

  12. ALWAYS DMCA. It terrifies people that you actually know your rights. People pay me to send DMCA notices.

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