A wider column width for Book Lite theme

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    I have recently bought the customize upgrade and i want to widen the column width of my book lite them. i have found this CSS to use and it works to make the column wider (ie larger photos) when editing the CSS but when I press save it reverts back to the original width of 750px. Can anyone help?

    #site-wrapper, #core-content, #footer {
    width: 950px;

    The blog I need help with is alixmckenzie.wordpress.com.



    Do you have something listed under .entry-content in your css? Max-width seems to be constrained to 750px by that.



    Most CSS is theme specific, because each theme has a different structure and calls things its own way. What you found cannot have any effect on Book Lite; it must have been a suggestion for a different theme (probably Manifest). On BL you need this:

    #main, #colophon {
    max-width: 950px;

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