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A wordpress account sharing unauthorized files

  1. [link edited out by Trent]

    Please shut down this WordPress account. It is sharing unauthorized builds of a Source Engine Game, known as SourceForts. These files are unauthorized alpha builds of the game being distributed. They in no way represent the final look and feel of the game, and should be taken down at once to prevent further distribution.

  2. You need to go to that site and report it for a TOS violation; in this case, use the Mark As Spam button on the top right-hand corner of your blue bar. Distributing warez is blog-deletion-worthy.

  3. Yeah TOS reports usually get hit very quick here...from what I've seen in the month I've been here. No doubt we'll see a "my blog is suspended, I want it back" thread started by this owner shortly.

  4. It's been reported; I never trust people in the forum to follow instructions unless they post saying they have, so I sent it in along with a link to this thread.

    Mind you, from this perspective we have no way of knowing if this is actually done with or without the support of the company; I leave that to WordPress, who hopefully do a better job of screening these reports than YouTube, who took down hundreds of videos because they accepted the word of a teenager that he was the copyright holder when he was just pranking them.

  5. Staff takes 'report this blog' reports in high regard and that is the way to report blogs that break the TOS and not best served in the forums here as those requests go straight to the staff.


  6. I have been contacted a couple of times about that site.
    And each time I have very clearly said that if the company concerned contact us, we will remove it. I don't know the who, the what or the how of it but I do know that 'hype' is all part of certain things. If it's an album I can see at Amazon that's easy, a game I can see there, easy too - but something unreleased where the company won't get in touch?
    We have procedures for it - and it's the companies property.
    It's up to them.

  7. Raincoaster, I did contact them about it.

    Mark, has it not occured to you that I am working with Adurostudios, the company that produces SourceForts, on resolving this issue?

    What do you want, an email from our site?

  8. Yes, that's exactly what he wants. He needs to hear from the copyright owner, and right now he has no way of knowing if that's you or not.

  9. Mark, has it not occured to you that I am working with Adurostudios

    If that's true, you should have identified yourself from the beginning as such.

    For this case, that is the correct address and the full procedure is laid out there.

    maerskflare - how would I know?

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