Aaarrrrgggh, I've lost my home page!!

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    My address is When people click onto this page I want them to see what is currently being called ‘Counselling and Psychotherapy’ page. I want to rename this the Home page. I can’t seem to change the Url to get rid of the forward slash/home. Currently when they type in they arrive on a page that says the page is no there.

    I also want to reorder my pages so that it goes Home, About counselling, About Katrina Hadland, Contact, Charges. But I can’t seem to work out how to do this.

    Please can you give me idiot proof step by step advice…..or a phonecall???


    The blog I need help with is


    You can edit the slug of a page to make it say what you want it to. Here are instructions to set a static front page: And then you can make a Custom Menu and put on it whatever pages you want.


    Ok, that’s great I’ve got the home page sorted now but the pages still appear in all the wrong order and they never used to ???


    Just drag the pages around to rearrange your custom menu :)


    That’ll be under Appearance >> Menus


    HI, I’ve solved all the other problems with your help but now the content of my contact page has disappeared. I have ensured its added to the menu. I’ve edited and saved the content but when you click on the link on the webpage it comes up as an error.

    Can you help please?!


    Maybe you need to restore an old draft of the page?

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