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    My blog is at http://theeyesofmarch.wordpress.com/ and people often forget the “the”, taking them to a blog that was abandoned after its first day of WordPress. I’ve found the official help thing saying WordPress absolutely does not allow recycling of domains. Their example was the following:

    Imagine you have a blog for a while but then decide to delete it for personal reasons. We then let someone else take over the name. A year later you get an angry phone call from a friend or relative who has clicked on an old bookmark, reads something offensive, and thinks that it was published by you.

    As this person obviously never showed his blog to anyone (hardly even himself ;)), what can I do to assist people in getting to my site?

    P.S. Once I save up enough for a domain name I may buy one for myself, but that is not an option at this time.

    The blog I need help with is theeyesofmarch.wordpress.com.


    All you can do is leave a comment on the abandoned blog and hope they will contact you back and transfer it to you. If they do not answer, or they do not want to transfer it, then that is the end of things.

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