Ability for Readers to Download an XML File

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    Is there a way to embed a stand-alone XML file within a blog which readers can click to download?





    The accepted file types without an upgrade and the additional file types that can be uploaded to wordpress.com blogs are found here http://en.support.wordpress.com/accepted-filetypes/

    As xml files are not included and are only available to those wp users who are exporting and importing contents when moving blogs I believe the answer to your question is “no”.

    Perhaps Staff will weigh in here and provide a definitive answer.



    You could do it through adding the box.net widget to your sidebar and allow them to download the file from that (assuming box.net allow .xml files to be uploaded).

    Or, set up a free Google Sites site and use the file storage feature to upload your file to Google and then simply link to it on your WordPress blog. It will work like any other normal link. Sites come with a 100mb limit on the free versions. You can also use this method to allow people to download mp3 files from your site.


    mikecraggs is correct. It can be done through the box.net widget.

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