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ability to edit forum posts is gone

  1. The title says it all.

  2. Bummer! That means I'm going to have to get all my thoughts together before hitting send post.

    {waving to TT}

  3. Oh noes! I see many typoes in hour futur.

  4. i can haz spelchekr?

  5. @muse
    lol... adn lots more posts corecting tehm.

  6. maybe you have to have an upgrade to access that feature again? lol

  7. :D ))))))

  8. bump to staff

  9. I'm using a firefox browser and today the word "edit" is displaying but when I click it the comment does not open. Instead I'm hurled back to the main index of the forums.

  10. thistimethisspace

    Now I'm verifying that using IE7 does not even produce an "edit" word to click.

  11. I wasn't involved in the discussion, but my understanding is the ability to edit has been removed because it was abused, and people didn't tend to use it for its purpose of correcting a typo.

  12. @foolswisdom
    Thanks for the reply. Would you please remove the "modlook" tag from this thread?

  13. @foolswisdom and mark
    Thanks for letting us know and we will just have to adjust to it.

  14. The modlook tag is removed.


  15. Thanks Trent :)

  16. I rarely use caps, but this time I just can't help to say anything else but


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