Ability to get people to register to your blog?

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    On some WordPress blogs I visit there is an option to register to the blog under the Meta, is this only for WP.org or is there a way to do it for WP.com as well? If not, will this feature ever be added in the future? Not anyhing completely vital, but it would be interesting to have as an option.



    I think registering from a wordpress.com blog is the same as register from the front page.



    Do you mean asking people to subscribe to your blog?



    Well, on some blogs in order to comment you have to register to that blog, its in the meta, right above login.

    As in, I believe you have to make a seperate username, just for that blog. You would click register, make a username and give your email, then a password would be emailed to you.


    yes i was curious about this … timethief is there any way for people to subscribe to your blog?? like can i click on something in my dashboard and have a link on the side saying register (and then become subscribed to that blog??)

    Also if i want to give some one permision to be able to write a post for my blog, how do i give them permision???



    hang on iv just worked all that out .. my next question now is .. what is the diffrence between making some one on your blog an editor, author or contributor????

    If i make some on an author, will they be able to write a post for my blog? and also they wont get accest to my dashbord will they, because otherwise they could stuff things up??

    again thanks



    Registering isn’t needed. It’s only for people who self-host.

    People subscribe to blogs using RSS. All blogs have this enabled.

    Read this to find out about the different user roles:

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